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MOGO S2 Internet Connection

Signal lights:

Connecting to network:

1) Connect to the MOGO S2 WiFi with your terminal device

2) Check the signal light in the MOGO APP

a) Green light: successfully connected

b) Red light: no connection. If there is no responding for a long time, please contact Customer Support for further assistance

c) Orange light: connecting

3) Please confirm that there are valid data packages for using in the "Packages History" page.

  • If there are no valid data packages, please go to our MOGO APP to purchase a data package.
  • If you have checked that there are valid data packages, under normal conditions, the data package will activate automatically.

In an unlikely situation, where a data package has not activated automatically, you will need to try to activate it manually.

Please follow the steps below:

Go to MOGO APP > MOGO S2 Details > Device info > tap Restart device once

  • If you have sucessfully activated your data package but there is still no internet connection, please connect to the MOGO S2 WiFi and go to in a web browser.

Login with your username and password. The default username and password is "admin". You will see a webUI page:

If the button is "Connect", please click it to connect to internet network.

4) If you have tried all the above steps and there is still no internet connection (red/orange light), please contact our Customer Support for further assistance.