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Global data package

  • covers 70 countries
  • there is a 90 days validity period to activate the package

Add-on Pack for Global data package

  • Cannot subscribe to the auto Add-on pack
  • You can only purchase an Add-on pack for a single country/region
  • Activated Add-on packs will be valid within the period of the package validity time.

For example:

Jim purchases a Global data package to use. There is not much data left in the package when he reaches Thailand but it is still valid for a long period of time.

He chooses to purchase a 300MB Thailand Add-on pack and activates it after the purchase;

However, Jim receives an urgent notice that he has to go to Hong Kong immediately. He takes off to Hong Kong and purchases a Hong Kong Add-on pack. When he reaches Hong Kong, he activates it and uses it;

At the sametime, his Thailand Add-on pack is still valid, when he goes back to Thailand, it still can be used;

Jim leaves Thailand and goes to Italy. This uses the remaining data in the global package.