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Auto Add-on Pack

When you have subscribed to the auto Add-on service, if the high speed of your current package is equal to or below 10MB, the system will automatically deduct the iPoints in your account to purchase a 100MB Add-on pack for your current location.

Terms and Conditions

  • This service is not available for Global Data Package
  • You can subscribe and cancel it anytime. When you subscribe, there are no fees or requirements
  • Please note: If you subcribe to the service when your high speed has already finished, there is a high possibility that you will be unable to do so

How to subscribe:

Option 1: subscribe when you purchase a data package

Go to MOGO APP > Store > Select package > Submit > Tap the Auto Boost button > Confirm to Pay

Option 2: subscribe on the page to purchase Add-on pack

Go to MOGO APP > Home > MOGO S2 Details > Add on pack > tap the Auto Boost button > Submit

How to cancel auto Add-on subscription

Option 1: "Data package details" page

Go to MOGO APP > Home > MOGO S2 Details > Tap Auto Boost button > Confirm

Option 2: "My orders" page

Go to MOGO APP > Profile > My Order > MOGO S2 > select data package with the Add-on pack > Turn Off > Confirm